Looks Fishy to me.

A common question I receive is where do you fish and what in the heck made you decide to fish that spot?  Guess it's a two part question.  Some of my favorite spots date from way back and have always held fish.  Others are new areas that I've always wanted to fish but just didn't know how to approach Them.  When I'm looking at a new area I'll use technology like Google Earth and scan the area for points, holes, drop-offs, grass lines and natural tidal flows.  Once I get on the water I'm looking for bait or fish activity.  Speckled Trout don't always strike the top of the water or bust bait like more aggressive game fish, but if the baits not there then I'm moving on.  Structure is another very important part of the equation.  old piers, concrete, oyster reefs and bridges will always hold fish.  I look for the down current side and fish it first if possible.  Timing is everything to me.  I like to be fishing before the sunrises.  I also like to fish a falling tide.  That's not always possible and sometimes you just have to give it a chance and see what happens.