Fish like a Pirate

CaptainWild Bill

June 2015 Cat Island Bull Red caught on a MirrOlure 52MR

May 2015 Wade fishing two man limit. All caught on DCT jig head and Avacado Matrix Shad.

April 2015 Red Fish limit caught in ten casts Wade fishing the shoreline. All caught using the DCT Barrier jig head and Green Hornet Matrix Shad.

About Me

Having been raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I had the pleasure of spending my summer days and a few nights fishing on the Westside pier in Gulfport.  Those were the happy-days for sure.  In my neighborhood there were at least ten boys around the same age and for the most part we all loved to fish.  From pulling a seine to throwing a cast net we would gather our own bait and hit the water In search of Speckled Trout.  In those days the Shrimp harbor was a great place to sit and watch the boats come and go.  As we got older some of us would catch the Ship Island boat and camp out around the old lighthouse.  We just loved the water and to this day I still do.  Now that I'm sort of retired, I try to hit the water at least three days a week year round.  Springtime and Fall is my favorite time of the year, but the best time to go fishing is when you can....